Everything’s Peachy in Punchbowl, PA!

One city in Pennsylvania has entered the 21st century 50 years ahead of schedule: our beloved Punchbowl, PA.


The reports are in and Punchbowl is free of crime, pollution, poverty, and other urban blights. Even menial labor is a thing of the past thanks to the robots that keep the city running like clockwork.


This model of American ingenuity owes its thanks to the scientific genius of Dr. Hermann Wye, former American foe and current head of R&D at Monday Industries, and the investment of Andrew Monday, multi-billionaire playboy industrialist.


“Here in Punchbowl for the first time in human history, life is what it was meant to be: free of all unpleasantness,” said Monday at today’s grand opening. “[Punchbowl] stands alone as a beacon of purity and human potential in a world of social upheaval and moral turpitude.”


We couldn’t agree more Mr. Monday!